Call Before You Dig

Don’t assume you know where underground utilities are located.

State laws require notification before digging or excavating. By calling 811 you are automatically connected to your state’s one-call center, which will then notify pipeline and utility operations in the area. If the company has underground facilities that might be affected, a representative will be sent to locate and mark – with a temporary flag or spray paint – the buried facilities before you dig using the color system created by the American Public Words Association. Facilities include a number of items such as pipelines, cables, telephone and electric lines.

Ohio – please give 48 hours advance notice
West Virginia – please give 2 days but not more than 10 days

When Contacting 811, You Should Provide

  • Cell phone number with area code
  • This must be on the on-site contact
  • Project location and address where digging will occur
  • GPS location or street address
  • Project description including depth
  • Project duration
  • Digging start date and time
  • Special instructions helpful for identifying the site

You will be provided with a locate request number and a list of companies who will be notified of your intended activities. This information should be kept with you on the project site. This is your documentation that you called before digging.