Eureka Midstream was built to serve multiple E&P operators.
In 2003, Eureka Midstream, through Triad Energy, an oil and natural gas producer, purchased 182 miles of strategic rights of way in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The strategic right of ways enabled Eureka Midstream to plan, develop and build a high-quality gathering system, the maximum allowable operating pressure within a system at a fraction of the cost. In turn, we have been able to pass along much of the savings to our valued clients.

With 222+ miles throughout the heart of the Marcellus and Utica natural gas shales, our advanced pipeline network is capable of transporting, lean or rich natural gas. This approach, a hybrid approach, is quite different from a typical midstream system. A typical midstream system runs on a dedicated drive, which transports only one form of hydrocarbon. The Eureka Midstream hybrid system provides today’s producer with increased flexibility at a reduced cost. While many operators are starting to develop and adopt pipeline systems capable of transporting wet or dry natural gas, Eureka Midstream was among the first companies to standardize this approach.

Multiple interconnects provides for increased access and ability to target better pricing
Innovation did not end with the introduction of the hybrid system. Eureka Midstream was also one of the first companies to introduce a system with multiple interconnects. The multi-interconnect system provides increased access to multiple gas processing options and interstate pipelines. This provides the producer with increased optionality, or the ability to identify and target better price points along the system.